UnderMySkinOur family has a lot of “ink.”  Of our six children, four have tattoos, ranging in size from a small frog to a full “sleeve.”  This photo shows the early stages of a colorful dragon filling up an entire back.

A few decades ago, I thought of a whimsical tattoo for myself, and in later years I’ve contemplated the initials “DNR” on my chest.  “Do Not Resuscitate.”

So far, my skin has avoided the needle.

Last Saturday (Sept. 12), I suffered an accidental blow to my right calf during a basketball game.  At times, the pain has made it difficult to walk.

Even though I have exercised every day, I doubt if I’ll be able to play tomorrow.

The only “advantage” to having this huge bruise is the wonderful color it has created.  Sort of like an oil spill.  I think it would make a beautiful tattoo!  After all the pain, I should have something to remember this!


Saturday – 19 September:  Didn’t play basketball today, although I tried to run.  You would have laughed as I hobbled down the court.  On the other hand, this thing is beautiful!!!  Notice how it has spread.





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