WiFi21Aug15Neighbor;                                          22 August 2015

My mother dedicated her life to service. She worked tirelessly for others until death took her at age 93. She never sought recognition, but she was still given an international humanitarian award.

While I will never be able to duplicate all that she was able to accomplish, I have tried to do what I can, when I can to help others.

I do much volunteer work no one knows about. I take care of an aging widow lady. I help a basketball team with practices. I clean a church gym. Etc.

From time-to-time I have helped the residents of Kier apartments – first at Village Square, and now at RL Courts. For example, I painted the curbs with red paint. I was not paid for my efforts. I did not receive any discount on my rent. I do not get paid for helping with the Internet, or with carrying groceries or garbage sacks for residents.

Last night I received an angry note telling me to re-set the community Wi-Fi. The note told me it was my duty to do so. I was told this may mean re-setting it “2-3 times per day.”

No, it is not my duty. I do not work for Kier. I never have.

Before I received this note, I had already re-set the Wi-Fi twice Friday. My efforts were not enough and the signal is still lost. Usually, it is not necessary to re-set a Wi-Fi- signal more than once or twice a month. If that. Bad weather and heavy usage by RL Courts residents are the main causes for failure. Like any wiring system “a fuse blows” when too many residents sign on at the same time.

I use the Internet a lot, and so I am just as frustrated as you when the system goes down. Doesn’t it make sense that I would hurry to fix it so I could use it?

I will not make any further effort to re-set the RL Courts Wi-Fi. Not today. Not ever again. In fact, the cruel message I received has soured me on doing any service project ever again.

For myself, I am buying my own Internet connection today, which I will pay for out of my own pocket.

Kier donates the Wi-Fi free of charge. It is a free service. Residents are not charged. It is a privilege, and not a right to have this free serve. It is not offered in the lease, and can be removed at any time .

I wish you much success with however this is resolved, but as of right now, I officially wash my hands of it.

Thank you,

Your neighbor



One thought on “We are never ever, ever, ever, getting back together

  1. You’re right it is not ‘your duty’ essentially folk are taking advantage of you and a free WiFi. If they want a better service get their own, just like you. Well done for standing up to this type of bullying


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