GMO Dangers:

WeirdScienceIn the first half of Thursday’s COAST TO COAST AM,  (6Aug15) leading spokesperson on the health dangers of genetically modified foods Jeffrey Smith talked about the passage of HR1599 , the DARK Act, which would eliminate states’ ability to call for the mandatory labeling of foods as GMO. “It was basically a purchased bill by the biotech industry and Big Food– they spent almost $50 million in the first half of the year lobbying,” he remarked. The new bill, which will be moving on for a vote in the Senate, calls for voluntary labeling, yet no company has ever voluntarily labeled its product as containing GMOs over the last 14 years, he noted. It also eliminates local jurisdiction over GMOs, and this would invalidate over 130 statutes and ordinances in 43 states, including numerous GM-free zones, he warned.

The number one symptom from consuming GM foods is digestive disorders, but people also suffer from low energy, brain fog, food allergies, weight issues, mood imbalances, and joint problems, he outlined. Smith has documented cases where people show dramatic improvements over these issues when they switch to a non-GMO diet. He also detailed the serious problems associated with Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide, and announced his new documentary project, Secret Ingredients,


 Tim responded:  Everything we eat has been genetically modified at one point. I would look up Bill Nye turn around.

WeirdScienceNyeBill Nye is changing his mind about GMOs – Washington Post, March 3, 2015

“I went to Monsanto,” Nye said, “and I spent a lot of time with the scientists there, and I have revised my outlook, and I’m very excited about telling the world.”

. . . . . Nye is telling us that, irrespective of the corporation’s business practices, he changed his mind after learning more about the science.

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  1. Everything we eat has been genetically modified at one point. I would look up Bill Nies turn around.

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