WAY back in 1979, Klingon became a language in Star Trek: The Motion Picture.  In 1984 Leonard Nimoy and Harve Bennett commissioned a full language to be developed by Marc Okrand.

I remember attending a comic-con of some sort in the 1990’s and costumed Klingons were dead serious about speaking real words, not just gibberish.

You can learn Klingon on-line if you care to do so.

SaySaySayBut what about Minion?  Do you speak Minion?  Does ANYONE speak Minion?

Despicable Me co-director Chris Renaud says, “What’s great about the Minion language, while it is gibberish, it sounds real because Pierre (Coffin) puts in words from many languages.”

As the Wordtree web site explains, “By listening carefully, we can identify words from a variety of languages such as French, English, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Filipino and more.”

Wordtree gives us a few examples.
Gelato! – Italian for icecream.
Kanpai – Japanese, meaning Cheers!
Hana, dul, sae – Korean for one, two, three.
Pwede na – Filipino language – it means Can we start?
Para tú – Spanish for for you when a Minion gave Agnes a replacement toy.

We better learn Minion, because the invasion is under way.  Our children will learn, so we better keep up!




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