DeltaDawnWhen I saw TALES FROM A STRANGE SOUTHERN LADY as a give away on Goodreads, I immediately thought of a very NICE Southern Lady I know.  If I won an autographed copy, I would send it to her (You know who you are.)

I won.

Just for kicks, I read the book, and I still haven’t sent it to anyone.

As a self-published author myself, I know how hard it is to get a book in print.  I offered my fifth book to a publisher who offered to edit the completed work for $5000.  FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS!  That book still resides inside my computer.

So, I identify with Jan Fink.  Very much.  Especially her episode about “Clara Jean.”  It changes from first to second person, and that has to be a mistake, doesn’t it?  She surely didn’t mean to write it wrong.  Did she?  You see, after I paid good money to have my first book printed as a hardback, I noticed a whole bunch of grammatical errors.  Dang it.

The way the chapters all try to be different from one another reminds me of a controversy.  I’ve heard it said that Joseph Smith wrote the entire Book of Mormon himself, with no help from any angels or such.  Others say that a teenager could not have written in five different styles, especially given Smith’s lack of education. But that’s a different story.

Most of the chapters in SOUTHERN LADY take a little effort for a 70-year-old man to absorb.  That’s okay, though, because I am sure Fink didn’t write this book with me in mind.

Still, I really enjoyed the story about “Greenland.”  Probably because I figured out the ending before I got to the ending.

If YOU are a strange southern lady, you just might like this book.

If you are a strange southern lady who loves to write, keep in mind Fink signed my copy, “For the love of writing.”

’nuff said.




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