Whenever a 3-D movie causes me to twitch, I award it one “Flinch.”

A couple of weeks ago (June 16), I joined my ex and our son David to watch JURASSIC WORLD.


I am delighted to report this film earned five “Flinches,” a world record for any 3-D movie I’ve seen.

Later on, I’ll give you a “spoiler alert” so don’t read past the five star logo if you want to know which scene literally raised me out of my seat!

As the credits rolled, I was really excited.  I asked the other two if JUARASSIC WORLD ranked in their top five of all time.

They agreed that for a movie to be listed as a favorite, it had to meet two criteria:
– it had to be worthy of a purchase.
– it had to be worthy of being watched several times.

That stumped me.

As enthusiastic as I was about JURASSIC PARK, I can’t see buying it until I have a HUGE 3-D television.  There is just no sense in watching this movie in 2-D.  Since there is no possibility of my getting a 3-D television in this life, I guess JURASSIC PARK is not in my top five either.

“Top five.”  Those five movies I would want to put in my backpack if stranded on a desert island (with electricity!).

I’ll start things off with my top five, then various family members will list theirs.  Remember, don’t read past the logo if you have not seen JURASSIC WORLD!

1.  Star Wars IV/Princess Bride.
3.  Yellow Submarine.
4.  Blues Brothers.
5.  Wizard of Oz.

It’s easier for me to do a “top 10” and in no particular order.
Star Wars (Episode IV)
Guardians of the Galaxy
Avengers 2
Lord of the Rings
Captain America 2 (I really like Marvel movies!)
Spider-Man 2 (Sam Raimi/Tobey Maguire version)
Serenity (I never even watched the Firefly TV series, but Joss Whedon is My Master Now!)

Fight Club
Chronicles of Riddick

I have lots of favorites, it is kind of hard to narrow down. In no particular order…
National Lampoons Christmas Vacation
Dirty Dancing
Pretty Woman
Sweet Home Alabama
Step Mom
My Best Friend’s Wedding
Love Actually
Father of the Bride movies
One True Thing
Mr Mom
Animated Movies…
Lilo & Stich
Despicable Me movies
Over the Hedge



My favorite 3-D scene of all time is when the two brothers are running away from the dinosaur and they come to the waterfall.  They decide to jump, as the dino skids to a halt and jumps right into our laps!



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