BlindedByTheLightMy daughter was just telling me about the new car she and her husband bought.  It is a 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid.  The idea is for the regular motor to do the hard work, and for a storage battery to take over during lighter driving.

Yup, the back-up battery went bad a few days after they bought the car.  Something like a $2000 repair.  The odometer was within 3000 miles of running out of warranty, but it was on the safe side.  So now we wait for the replacement battery.

When I asked her if the car had a SECOND battery to operate the radio, and lights, she didn’t know the answer.  It does.

BlindedByTheLightTractorAs we were talking, I was surprised my daughter had not heard me talk about some of the more interesting days of my childhood.  I was born in 1945 – almost 70 years ago – and I am familiar with farm tractors that did not have a battery of any kind.  No battery to run a starter.  No battery to run the lights – we didn’t HAVE lights!!  We shoved a crank in the front of the Allis Chalmers and made sure as we turned we let go of the thing as the engine turned over.  If we didn’t, we might get a broken arm for our efforts!

Cows and crops don’t carry watches.  Milking and harvesting was ruled by the sun, not by headlights.

My daughter seemed amazed when I told her about my grand-uncles farm.  We had no electricity – just kerosene lanterns.  Our toilet was a shack outside with holes in the seat.  We pumped our water out of the ground.  The smells from the wood-burning stove were heavenly!  A stove-pipe ran the length of the huge kitchen from stove to chimney, and that was the cause of a fire in the original building.  A second home was built to the exact specifications of the first.  I LOVED that place!!!

BlindedByTheLightHudsonMany years later, I had a twinge of nostalgia and bought a 1938 Hudson Terraplane.  It still had a hole in front for the hand crank.  Nope, I don’t still have that monstrous achievement!  Sigh.

Thanks for the memories.




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