Dear Lord;

MySweetLordYou know that little old lady I’ve told you about before?  Well, she is at it again, and she is driving me crazy.

She is that 86-year-old widow I’ve helped out from time-to-time.  You know, the one who was born in Japan, but moved here with her American husband after the war.

If I give her a little attention, she always wants more.  If I take her out to eat, she suddenly needs to go to the bank first.  Then, she has to go to the Mexican market on the way home.

Saturday, I had to return a pair of headphones to Big Lots, and thought she might like to ride along – you know, get out of the house.  Man, did that turn into a nightmare.  She started complaining about her arthritis, and I told her I had the same problem. She was angry as she told me HER arthritis was more painful than mine.  When she was first diagnosed, she refused to listen to me when I told her about the millions of soldiers who lost limbs in wars and who had it much worse.  She wouldn’t listen even when I told her some of those soldiers were Japanese.

“I need some ‘noise reducers,'” she said Friday.  “My ears hurt from all the noise.”

I knew this was going to be a losing battle from the start.  She ALWAYS has “buyers remorse” about everything she buys.  Sure enough, we had not even driven out of the Big Lots parking lot before she complained, “These don’t work.  I need to take them back.”

After I calmed down enough to talk, I took $10 out of my wallet and convinced her to sell them to me.  I was sick and tired of this always buying stuff and then making a special trip back to the store for a return.

Yesterday, she had a physical problem that comes up frequently.  I have given her a book on the subject, and explained to her more than once how to avoid the problem with proper diet and relaxation. I’ve given her supplies to handle the pain if it comes back.  Sunday, she wanted to go to the emergency room with her complaint.  Instead, I brought her more of the same supplies as before – from my own cabinet – and told her to relax.  I told her to follow the same guidelines I had given her before – to read the book once more.

I wanted to yell at her, “You refuse to follow the rules.  You have been here over 50 years and you whine that you “don’t understand.”  Well, I KNOW you understand.  You just demand more and more attention.  Leave me alone!  Don’t call me again!”

She called me back soon after that trip, complaining she needed even more supplies.  I took them to her.

She called back yet again for even MORE supplies.  I realized I had both items in my closet, and after I calmed down a bit, I called to tell her I would come down after 10 PM.  She told me that now she needed an ADDITIONAL four items!

I told her to ask her neighbor lady to take her to the store.  I would not take her.

Sorry, Lord.  I just get so frustrated when she demands so much attention and always breaks the rules!

And Lord, while I have your attention, I was hoping you could help me out with a couple of things.  Please be patient with me.  I know I have broken most of the rules in your Good Book,  and don’t deserve your help, but I was wondering if you would – – – – – –



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