It surely SEEMS like three years have past, but it has only been two.  On or about April first of 2013, I tore both shoulder muscles working out at the gym.  I pulled weights behind my back further than my shoulders wanted me to pull.

PutYouHeadOnMyShoulderI’ve been in pain ever since.

The right shoulder healed, but the left shoulder still gives me trouble.

The most pain comes when I try to sleep on it.  A couple of our sons exercise their way through pain, so I figure “forcing” the shoulder to be stressed will help.  I also throw medicine balls around.  Nothing helps.

My pacemaker is on my left side, so I have been anxious about sleeping in that direction.  It is no fun trying to sleep on ONLY my right side.  I get a pain from that too!!!

Now then, here is the climax of this story.  I have nightmares 88 percent of the time I sleep on that left shoulder!

Ugly, family-in-trouble, no-way-to-solve-the problem nightmares.

What is happening????  !!!!!!!!!!!




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