For the last couple of days, I’ve been getting phone calls from what seemed to be Family Mobile.  At least, that is what has appeared in the caller ID.

WeAreFamilyUntil yesterday (May 9) I didn’t answer in time, and the line went dead.  Finally, I picked up quickly enough to hear a live person on the other end.  He had a foreign-sounding voice.

He identified himself as calling from Family Mobile, my carrier.  I had just paid my bill on-line, so at first I didn’t think anything was wrong.

He started talking in an ominous voice about a virus, and acted like he KNEW I WAS ONLINE!  HE HAS MY ISP.  He started giving me computer instructions, but I quickly said, “No,” and hung up.  It just didn’t sound kosher.

I called him back at the number in my phone – 1.943.165.8547 – but the call did NOT go through!

If I wasn’t suspicious before, I surely was now!

I tried to do a reverse search of the number on the Internet, and got various results like:
* 943 is an invalid area code
* This number continues to call me constantly every single day. I’m tired of it.

Then I went to the Family Mobile web page, and couldn’t find a virus warning of any kind.

Next, I changed my Family Mobile password.

My PC and my Internet connection have been very sluggish the last few days, and I wonder if this phishing expedition has contaminated my PC.  I ran a Malwarebytes scan which didn’t turn up anything wrong, but I am still worried.

It seemed to take an hour to check my bank balance, but – knock on wood – it seems okay.

What next!



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