About a week ago, my neighbor showed me a duck nest with seven eggs inside.  The nest is close to the back side of my apartment, and I am very concerned about predators attacking the mother duck, or the hatchlings.  The neighbor has a cat, and we have a plethora of magpies and blackbirds to contend with.

I was so relieved to seStille the mother sitting on her nest yesterday. I thought she gave up, but she is still around!

The nest is over a block away from water – and that water is a speedy canal.  IF the eggs hatch, and IF no predators get them, and IF she gets them across the road, HOW is mama duck going to get the ducklings to SAFE water?  That canal water is moving way to fast.

Naturally, I don’t want to touch them.  I am even afraid to drop her some crumbs – what if my scraps attracts those other predators instead!  But shouldn’t they be moved to a safer environment?

So, I called the animal shelter.  The lady referred me to the Department of Agriculture.  The Department of Agriculture!!  Oh, well, I called it anyway.  The guy said I should talk to the Division of Wildlife Resources.

“She knows what she’s doing,” the lady assured me.  “This happens all the time.”

“We can’t touch them or move them.  If we do, the mother will never touch her eggs again.”

I pretty much knew the part about how touching them would drive mama duck away.  Maybe they could just scoop up the entire nest?

“They are Federally protected, so we can’t touch them.  Don’t worry, this happens in the wild all the time.”


But I am still worried.

Still watching.



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