In March of 2011, I moved to St. Louis.  I bought a full-sized pillow-top mattress and foundation.  No frame.

A little over a year later, I moved again, and again, and yet again.  Maybe the pillow-top resented all those moves.  It started to fight back.  On my aching back.

ThanksForTheMemoriesI started suffering different spots of pain, mostly in my shoulders.  Why anyone in their right mind would buy a mattress with curled-up steel springs is beyond me.  But I had, and now I was suffering the consequences.

It may have been the start of 2014 when I bought a 2″ pad of memory foam to place on top of the mattress.  That didn’t ease my back, so I added four more inches some time later.

On March 3rd of this year, I added four more inches of memory foam.

The twisting and turning began.  I weigh roughly 185 pounds, but that seems to be too much for the memory foam  I sink into it deeper and deeper, my spine getting bent in ways it should not be bent.

I’ve tried all sorts of combinations to ease my aching back: 8″ of memory foam on the floor, 10″ of memory foam on the floor, 8″ of memory foam on just the foundation, three quilts on the foundation with no mattress and 8″ of memory foam, ad infinitum.  By now, that 2″ layer is worthless.  It just curls up into a bunch of lumps.

No relief.  Instead of a series of sore spots, I now have a serious PAIN in the lumbar region of my spine.

My daughter is a chiropractor, but she lives thousands of miles away.  Besides, without a proper bed, whatever adjustment she would make would be shortly un-done.

Last night (Saturday, April 18), I went back to just the original bed.  No memory foam, no extra quilts beneath me.  Just the bed, some Meloxicam, and an Ambien.

I slept.

What do I do now?  The memory foam layers are stacked against my dresser, taking up precious space in a small apartment.  I can’t afford a new bed, and even if I could, what would I buy.  It doesn’t make sense to go backward and buy spring coils.  What about TWELVE inches of memory foam – all in one piece?

It is a mystery that MUST be solved.  Soon.

Meanwhile, anyone want two 4″ layers of memory foam?




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