TitansTake dozens of small children, dump them into a comic book with a few super heroes like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, then drop the mix into a graphic novel.  You have just stirred up something called TINY TITANS RETURN TO THE TREEHOUSE by Art Baltazar and Franco.

As an old geezer looking closer to my 70th birthday than to my 7th, I have to admit, I got lost in this book.

It SEEMS too advanced for the age group it pictures – “Tiny Tots” – but maybe I am just an old fogey.

I thought it would be great for a couple of my tiny tot grandchildren, so I will send it to them and hope for the best.  At the very least, they will enjoy the fast action art work.  At the very best, I am hoping they will fall in love with it as their parents read it to them.

Just because I don’t get it, doesn’t mean my little ones won’t.  After all, there is an entire series of Tiny Tots adventures, so the authors must be doing SOMETHING right!!  I count at least eight books in the franchise.

BOOKLIST writes this review on Amazon – “Mainstays of comic books since the 1960s, and stars of two generations of cartoons, the Teen Titans are morphed into Tot Titans for a series aimed at younger audiences. Adventures that include ‘welcoming’ a new principal, getting a new dog, babysitting younger siblings, and fighting for one’s spot in the playground are told in gag vignettes, most lasting 2-3 pages. The art is pleasantly funky, filled with motion and lively color, but the book as a whole proves a difficult example of audience selection. An in-depth knowledge of current Teen Titans continuity is necessary to distinguish between the massive cast of characters and to understand the relationships between them that many of the punch lines rely on  . . . . For large collections, this would be a good offering for young fans of the Teen Titans cartoon or those readers who are super-hero crazy.”

Here’s hoping.



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