WontGetFooledAgainWhen I saw the great looking cover of Tom Cutler’s book 211 THINGS A BRIGHT BOY CAN DO, I snapped up two copies.  I have three grandsons about the age of the boy pictured, so I thought I would probably be back to pick up another copy.  Boy, was I fooled!

The last time I checked, the definition of “boy” runs something like, “a male child, from birth to full growth, especially one less than 18 years of age.”  (dictionary.com)

I grew up thinking a teen was a teen, and we weren’t adults until we were 20 or 21.

Since I was born in 1945, I’m old fashioned enough to remember how absolutely excited I was when I was able to vote in my first US national election.  I had just barely turned 19 – the age of majority.  I would still have to wait until I was 21 to be allowed to drink.  The age of majority in America is defined as “child support stops when a child is 18 or graduates from high school, in others, it stops at 21.”  (ncsl.org)

At the most generous then, a boy is a boy until about 18.

Do not be fooled by the cover art like I was – that is absolutely a boy pictured – but the text inside is nothing I want my grandsons to read.

Don’t be fooled by articles that read like a Boy Scout manual.  There are plenty of those, but they are only camouflage for the dirty stuff. Even inside the worthy articles, there are many references to explain how the “boy” might “get lucky.”

For example, you will find entire sections devoted to curing a hangover, the devious shot glass “gotcha,” and how to judge a woman’s bra size.

It gets worse, including a detailed chapter on how to cook testicles.

I have destroyed my copies.

YOU get lucky by not buying this book.

Especially for youth.



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