It seems like centuries ago, when the children were all home growing up.

Every April First, I attempted to make them smile with different little tricks.  I might hide all the silverware, or all the pots and pans.

My shining achievement was the year I stacked all the kitchen chairs on top of the table before they got out of bed.

Those were the days.

I tell you that story so I can tell you this one.

It is hard for me to believe, but yesterday (April 2, 2015) I posted my 500th entry to this blog!

emmacanyon7Quite an achievement for an old geezer!  🙂

Somewhere back in time, I remember someone saying the best way to tell a lie is to include at least half the truth.  That makes it much easier to remember the details the next time you tell the story.

My story yesterday about The Fool on the Hill was 98 percent factual.  All of the memories about the children really did happen.  There were only two little, itty, bitty details that were ah, . . . .  exaggerated.

KeepOutONE:  I really did go up the canyon with every intention on climbing that slot.  Only problem – the fence keeping me out.  The landslides are real, and the path we used to walk is now either buried or extremely dangerous.  It would take a real fool to climb over that fence and try to reach our earthquake fault.

TWO:  Since I couldn’t finish my hike, I couldn’t find any “gold” either.  Darn.

Tune in again next year – same time, same channel – for the next exciting episode of  . . . . The Fool on the Hill!



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