Earlier this week, the state of Utah (U.S.) brought back the firing squad.  It is an option in case lethal injection drugs are “not available.”  See “Herbert signs law making Utah only state with firing squad,” and “How Utah’s firing squad will work.”

It is highly unlikely I will still be alive the next time Utah uses capital punishment, but what do I think about the subject?  This article is not about me, so for now, just mark me down as “No reply.”

NoReplyBill O’Reilly, on the other hand, DOES have a reply.  In his book KEEP IT PITHY, O’Reilly writes, “I am against the death penalty because I fell it is too lenient a punishment . . . . (instead) sentence them to life in prison in a federal penitentiary in Alaska.  There they would be forced to endure hard labor, and if they refused to work, they would be quarantined in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day.”

If you are already a Bill O’Reilly fan, you will have previously read about 88 percent of this book.  It is like a Reader’s Digest condensed version of his other opinion volumes such as THE NO SPIN ZONE, CULTURE WARRIOR, PINHEADS AND PATRIOTS, and WHO’S LOOKING OUT FOR YOU?  As the book jacket explains, this is a “highlight reel.”

The 12 percent that is not a rehash contains updates from when these other books were published.  Those updates include (rare) changes to his original bloviations.

If you wonder what O’Reilly is all about, KEEP IT PITHY is a great way to get a cram course.  Think CliffsNotes.  You might even find a copy at Dollar Tree, like I did!  If you pay much more, you might feel cheated, since the book only measures 142 pages.

I used to watch The O’Reilly Factor on Fox, until my budget precluded cable TV.  His same persona comes through these pages.  Sometimes, he just seems TOO forceful – TOO arrogant.  Cut through the bluster and read the substance.  You will get a pretty good idea where O’Reilly stands on such issues as taxes, minorities, Christianity, security and abortion.  Some may surprise you.

You will either see red, or nod your head, but either way, you will be entertained.

Don’t get TOO excited, though.  “Life is short. . . . here now – the pith!”




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