I’ve been a fan of Superman since my childhood in the 1950s.  I never did like the original Batman – too dark.  The Batman TV series of 1966-68 was fun, so I watched it, but the I am not a fan of the movies.

Then, along came GOTHAM on Fox television – one of my very favorite series of all time.  I am actually looking forward to being able to buy the first season on DVD – something I don’t usually do.

I don’t usually buy fiction either, but since I enjoy GOTHAM so much, and since ENEMIES & ALLIES was only a buck at Dollar Tree, I picked it up.  I figured at worst I would lose a buck.  Was I delightfully surprised!

While not an origins story, Kevin J. Anderson does brush close to the beginnings of both Superman and Batman.  By the time of this book, both civilians have donned their costumes, and Lois Lane has had her interview with Superman.  Bruce Wayne is in the process of getting serious with his board of directors.  Superman has not yet been introduced to Kryptonite.  Lex Luthor is beginning his rise to super villain. Now it is time for our heroes to meet.

You will never guess how these two come together!  It is delightful!!!

I imagine other writers have already pictured the Capped Crusader and the Man of Steel meeting, but this version has to be the best!

The book weaves all the personnel together bit by bit with little effort.  I was nudged along so carefully from chapter to chapter, it was almost impossible to put this book down.

To top it off, Anderson not only weaves our characters together seamlessly, he also puts everything into historical perspective.  You KNOW we are in the 1950’s, probably 1957 or 58, to be exact.  I coughed a couple of times as I was reading the book because some of the incidents seemed out-of-place.  Sure enough, Anderson sets the historical record straight on his very last page.

Enough of my blabbering like a teenager.  (I had to look at the copyright page a few times to make sure this was not a Young Adult  -YA- book.) Find a copy for yourself, then sit back and enjoy!

Five stars!




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