JenniferBurnsNot only is Jennifer Burns the most beautiful woman I have ever known, she is also one of the most talented. She is always in the process of polishing one more facet that promises to make her star shine even brighter.

Jennifer is as comfortable selling her latest idea to a room of executives as she is having bread and wine at a small cafe. One day, she will jet off to New York on business, and the next day she will watch the sun go down in Hawaii or Catalina with her husband. In between, she will spend quality time with her mother and sister in Georgia. Meanwhile, she hosts a cooking segment on the local Utah FOX affiliate.

Like a flat stone skipping across a smooth lake, I have the privilege of touching bases with Jennifer from time-to-time. Maybe I will do a little research for her, or send out a publicity sheet. Maybe I’ll take some photos, or just sit and watch as she produces and directs a video episode. I plod along like an old mule as this filly leaves me in the dust. She will come back and check on my progress once in awhile, then race off to her next adventure. She amazes me.

Not only is Jennifer a TV star, she is also a shrewd business woman. She knows exactly what she wants, and how to convey her ideas to others. She is firm, loyal, experienced and trustworthy.

She has always tried to involves those who serve into her sphere. As host of her own production, COOKING DELIGHT, she promoted men and women in the armed forces, fire fighters and EMTs whenever possible. Her bio explains, “Jennifer is passionate about working with a number of charities including YMCA, YCC and a variety of other organizations. A passion of hers is speaking to those organizations, as well as schools and groups to help empower men, women and teens in gaining self esteem and respect.”

Jennifer explains, “I thoroughly enjoy bringing in teams to give makeovers on the inside and out to help boost confidence and give people a fresh start.”

I can’t wait to see what is next!



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