???????????????????????????????????????????Dr. Roberts has been my primary care physician since about 2009.  He is FANTASTIC!

He understands me.
He knows my medical history.
He listens.
He knows my medications and how they work.
He is friendly.
His clinic posted a notice that patients were to bring in only one concern per visit.  Today, I brought in several issues, and he took the time to listen to everything.

Just for kicks, I looked him up on the Internet and found out I am not the only who is impressed.  “Dr. Roberts cares for the full-spectrum of patients, from newborn to the elderly. He enjoys Sports Medicine and is fluent in Spanish and English. For the past (several) years, Dr. Roberts has served as an adjunct clinical professor in (the local) University’s Athletics Department and a volunteer physician for the . . . Rescue Mission. He also applies his passion for volunteerism at several local and national organizations, including Baby Care Lectures, XTERRA USA Championship, (a local) High School, and Children’s Health Connection.”

No wonder  I like this guy so much!

Sorry, but I am not going to tell you his real name – I don’t want to share him!!




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