Some years back, I wrote an essay about how our lives would change if we didn’t have to eat.

“Not eat!  You have to be kidding!”

It was just a frivolous essay, but lately I’ve been toying with a similar idea.  This time, it is a little more realistic.

MotherNaturesSonWhat if we were all vegetarians and didn’t eat any meat!

We have at least one dedicated vegetarian in our family, and I am a “wannabe” vegetarian.

In the Old Testament, God said something to the effect “let (mankind) have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle. . .  and over every creeping thing. . .”  (Genesis 1:26)

One modern religion teaches “the flesh . . . of beasts and of the fowls of the air . . . have been ordained for the use of man. . . ”  (D&C 89:12).

Some people have interpreted these scriptures as saying “Dig in!  Eat all the animals you want!”

Until we visit our doctors!  I don’t know what your doctor says, but I have a couple who tell me to lay off the meat.

So, what if mankind had started out as vegetarian?  The ramifications are amazing!  I’ve listed a few, but they barely scratch the surface.  I’m betting you can think of many more.

No butchers.
No slaughterhouses.
No hay farms to feed cattle.
Fewer corn fields to feed pigs.
No chickens raised in cages.  No chicken farmers.
No rare animal hunts for “exotic” foods.
No fish farms.
No cattle trucks or similar transports.  No employees needed to construct them.
No feed stores/employees.
No dairy farms.
No leather clothing or shoes.  No leather workers, trucks, or store shelves.
No meat, milk, or yogurt shelves at stores.
No meat cookbooks.  No writers, publishers, or store shelves needed.
No BBQ grills.
Fewer health guides/writers/etc.
Fewer diet books/writers/etc.
More open spaces – no need to fence in animals.
No hunting.  (Big chunk of the economy.)
Less warm/cold cereal due to lack of milk.
Fewer TV cooking shows/crews/hosts/competitions.
No honey.

You get the idea.




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