Eyebrow10Mar15.jpgSure enough, the report came back today that the ugly monster the doctor cut out of my eyebrow last Tuesday really was Squamous cell carcinoma.  That makes three of those, one Basal/squamous carcinoma, one Melanoma in situ 2, and one prostate cancer.  I guess I have an affinity for this stuff.

I was talking to an employee at the gym about it – had to show her my latest scar – and we agreed “everybody has something!”

She has Lupus, so her immune system is all haywire.  She said that we all have cancer in us because cancer is nothing more than cells eating each other.  Our entire body is made up of – cells!  She poked fun at the commercial that says anyone who has had measles has the shingles virus inside them.  She said EVERYONE has the shingles virus inside them!

JawCut2My father was a heavy alcoholic from his youth until about six months before he died.  But it wasn’t liver failure that killed him at age 60, it was cancer.  He had also been a heavy smoker since his teens.  He tried to stop as he got older, even smoking cheroots instead of cigarettes, but it was too late.  He had been in a car wreck, and as a precaution, underwent a series of x-rays.  The cancer was all over inside.  The doctor gave him six months to live.  Cancer ravaged his body until he was just a skeleton on a man, and he died six months later.

When I was just a youngster (I am now 69), my Dad would give me a quarter and a note so I could buy him a pack of Chesterfields.  I got the bright idea to forge a note for my own use, but I put down “Salem” instead.  One time, I sat with my Salems under a bridge watching the puffer-bellies steam into the roundhouse.  I might have smoked one or two of the cancer sticks before I threw the rest away.  I tried the same brand a few times through the years, with the identical results every time.  Even now, I see people smoking in movies and think, “Man, that looks good!” but I just can’t take a liking to the dang things.

Our youngest son, on the other hand, loves his ciggies.  In effect, he says, “I’m willing to trade the three years they MIGHT take off my life, for the enjoyment I get now.”  Sigh.

I sent our son a copy of Jerry Reed singing ANOTHER PUFF, which is hilarious, but very serious.  No dice.  He still smokes.

Here is the audio of the song, and below are the words.  It needs to be heard to get the full effect.



JerryReedI know there’s a lotta talk going around today
About cigarette smoking whittling your life away
I’ve seen it and I’ve heard it so many times
That finally it just started to prey on my mind
I guess it scared me a little bit
That’s why I decided I was gonna quit
So while I was sitting here forming my battle plan
I took another puff and turned on the fan
I just sat there in my easy chair
And thought of all the money I’d wasted on cigarettes all these years
I thought how I’d spend the rest of my days
After I kick this habit my body craves
Said to myself this ain’t gonna be so tough
With that little bit of assurance
I took another puff

I took a puff, a puff, then I ripped off another puff
I decided I’d about had about enough
That breaking this habit won’t be too tough

Now I’ve give a lot of thought to this thing
If I didn’t smoke cigarettes I’d feel just like a king
Besides with the price going up every day
I knew I was just throwing all my good money away
You know I ain’t lit one in an hour or so?
Just wanted to make sure I could quit you know
I was thinking maybe I oughta write all this down
Put it in a song kinda circulate it around
Can’t ever tell it might make a hit
And that redneck Hall did a little bit
Can you imagine me a hit songwriter!
Now where’s… where’d I put that cigarette lighter?
After all it’s a habit and a habit you can break
Just a little bit of willpower son that’s all it takes
I said to myself you got to be tough!
And with that little bit of wisdom
I took another puff

I took a puff, and then a puff, then I finally ripped off another puff
And I decided boy this ain’t gonna be tough
Besides I’d just about had enough
I’m about ready to quit this rotten habit anyway

Oh I think they ought to take it offa television
It looks too good! Ow!
I like them skinny ones with the filter
Oh give it to me! Give it to me!
Cigarettes… I say if I quit smoking what’ll I do?
Maybe I’ll eat
Yeah I’ll eat cigarettes
Ahh, I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it
Chester B don’t smoke, he smokes logs!
Makes you laugh funny too
Oh my throat’s scratchin’, oh
I wish I could think of something bad to say about cigarettes
Boo on cigarettes, don’t smoke don’t smoke don’t smoke
You quit smoking that’ll leave more for me!
I love it I love it, no I don’t love cigarettes ya know
Don’t misunderstand me I hate cigarettes
Makes ya cough, and when ya don’t smoke it makes ya shake
I don’t know what’s worse, the shake or the cough
I think I’ll make me a coughshake, oh!
Son did you ever smoke?
Oh I remember one time I quit smoking
I quit for three months
My wife left me
So did my children
She took my house and left
It was a mobile home




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