It was only January 7, 2015 when I made a trip to my dermatologist to have a spot removed from under my right eye. NOT cancerous.

At the time, neither one of use paid any attention to an itchy “freckle” by my left eyebrow.

Eyebrow10Mar15.jpgThen, as if taking a cue from the original spot, the thing on my left eyebrow started to grow. It was just like geometric progression – doubling in size every time I looked. It was the growth from hell.

My dermatologist is a very busy man, splitting his practice between two cities 45 miles apart. It took me weeks before I could slide into an open slot on his schedule. I WAS able to bump up one week, so I got in to see him Tuesday, March 10.

Dr. Wayne Summers is extremely good at his craft. He took a huge glob of something called a “Melanoma in situ II” out of my jaw in March of 2013. Not only didn’t I feel any pain DURING that operation, I never felt any pain AFTER. A true artist.

Eyebrow11Mar15.jpgThis time around, he cut deeply enough to make sure no “roots” were left behind. He thought it MIGHT be another squamous cell carcinoma, but he sent it to biopsy to be sure. I’ve had at least four similar skin cancers removed, so nothing will be a surprise. I’ve also been treated for prostate cancer.

After he cut it out, he cauterized the wound and started to send me home. Before I left his office, he noticed several blemishes on both of my arms. I laughed and explained they were from “blocking out” while playing basketball every Saturday morning for 2 to 3 hours. “I’ve thought of playing,” he said. “But I’m 57 years old.” I answered, “I’m 69.” We both smiled.

Dr. Summers did such a great job, I ignored the band-aid for 24 hours. THEN I read the take-home instructions that said I should take better care of the wound than that. Oh, well. It doesn’t look too bad. 🙂




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