If you have even an inkling about joining a gym, please consider Planet Fitness.

I’ve been going for over three years now, and today, I just upped my membership to their BLACK CARD.

I am not interested in tanning.  I don’t need a massage chair.  I bring my own water, so ‘half-off” on drinks doesn’t interest me.  If I had a friend, he or she could now be my guest at any location, but so far, no takers..

HydroMassageMy membership was already a bargain at only $10 per month, but I bumped that up to $20 per month for one reason – so I could enjoy their HYDROMASSAGE machine!  The operative word here is “enjoy!”

I only got to run the thing for 10 minutes, but it was a full-body massage up and down my back.  I can adjust the settings to light or hard, full back or partial.  It is even heated!

My only complaint was that the sound wasn’t working.  I couldn’t listen to crashing waves or pre-programmed music.  The staff promised to fit it.

But hey, the massage was great after over an hour of working out.

You’ll love it!




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