SurviveMy father-in-law began his oral history telling me “I believe in miracles.”  It was a phrase he used frequently as we recorded his stories.  His mother had a difficult birth, and the doctor said he could not save the mother AND the child.  So, the baby was wrapped in a blanket and placed in the warming oven of a wood-burning kitchen stove as attention focused on saving the mother.  Both survived.

A couple of days ago in Utah two miracles surrounded another baby – Lily.

The first miracle happened when the baby survived the car crash that killed her mother.  The car ran off the road and flipped upside down in a river.  The weather was cold, and the wreck wasn’t discovered for 13 or 14 hours.  Lily was held above the water in her car seat – upside down – for fourteen hours.

SurviveLilyThe second miracle was what FOUR rescuers heard as they approached the smashed-up vehicle.  One officer heard an adult voice say, “I need help.”  A second officer heard, “Help me.”  Remember, the mother was dead.  The 18-month old baby was unconscious and not responsive.

A day later, the toddler is smiling and singing along with her grandfather, “The wheels on the bus go ’round and ’round.”

Do YOU believe in miracles?


Rescuers Claim Mystery Voice Called to Them to Save Toddler Trapped in Car That Overturned in Utah River





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