This article is about the most beautiful woman I know.  It is also about being “in the zone,” with a little “creationism” thrown in.

Different religions have different ideas about how we all got here.  For the sake of argument, let’s just lump the different philosophies together and say the gods created the heavens and the earth(s) during six time periods.  After all that hard work, the gods took some “down time,” for the seventh time period.  If the gods are anything like me, they spent some of that down time tweaking what they had done the other six time periods.  When you are in “the zone” of creating, it is hard to turn off the juices.

Take creating or repairing Internet Technology, for example.  When one of our techie sons is working with code, they simply can’t be disturbed.  I write a little code myself, and I know that a wrong character, or a character in the wrong place, and the page just won’t load correctly in the browser.

Our daughter is a chiropractor.  Imagine what harm she could do while working on a back while distracted!  Or how about our sons doing heavy construction.  A slip ten stories up, and you are dead.  We know, as one of their co-workers died on the job a couple of years ago.

The other day, I was talking with one of our other sons about his incredible ability to paint a dramatic scene in a store window – backward!  The results are breath-taking.  Each piece of art takes 10-12 hours, and he just can’t be interrupted in the middle and still maintain his high quality standards.

JanisFor myself, I used to know what it was like to be on stage and be “in the zone.”  I just didn’t want the night to end.  Think of that seminal performance by Janis Joplin at Monterey Pop and the reaction from Mamma Cass.  Or the similar zoned out performance of Jimi Hendrix playing the Star Spangled Banner at Woodstock.  I tear up when I watch other performers get “in the zone,” because I have been there, and I know how it feels.  Pentatonix comes to mind.

So, after the performance – how do we spend our down time.  For that matter, how does ANYONE shift gears from today’s rapidly paced world and “kick back?”  Your “performance” might be an eight to twelve hour day at work.  What does a merchandise stacker at Walmart, or a hedge-fund manager at a huge bank do after the lights are turned off at work?

That brings us back to the beautiful woman I mentioned earlier.

JBI’ve known “Z” for several years.  I’ve been with her on set during filming.  I’ve been on location before she went to work as emcee.  There have been some craggy moments waiting for a late guest to arrive, or trying to get a flower to stay in her hair.

We have been in many production meetings – often on-line or over the phone – trying to iron out various details.  My computer is not a clone of her computer, so we have had some troubles getting the details to line up the way “Z” expects them to line up.  “Z” has NEVER taken me to task for my errors.  In an e-mail or in person, she always says, “We can work it out.”

I’ve never seen her “lose it” when production runs late, and we are about to be bumped for the next scheduled shoot, or when we are losing light at a photo shoot.  “Z” does not take “down time” while working and always remains level-headed.

So, how does “Z” vent her frustrations when not in the public eye?  I have no way of knowing.  As well as I know “Z”, her private life is her private life.  I have no idea how she greets her exercise bike early in the morning or what she is like BEFORE that first orange juice.  Does she kick off her shoes at the end of the day and cuss out the things and people who didn’t meet her expectations?  Does she throw the electric bill at her husband? I don’t know.

My best guess is that “Z” is human.  At home, she probably lets down her hair and lets down her guard. I’ll bet she remains the most beautiful woman I know.

I just wish Danica Patrick would get “in the zone.”



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