Read a book aloud and ‘light up’ your child’s brain

Becky Cairns, STANDARD EXAMINER, 4 March 2015

ReadAloudBedtime isn’t the only time that Jane, age 22 months, enjoys hearing stories read aloud.

“We have books in every room,” says her mother Sandy Clufff, of South Ogden, so no matter where the toddler is, it’s, “Hey, let’s look at this dinosaur book; hey, let’s look at this animal book.”

Reading aloud helps Jane learn letters and sounds, Cluff says, not to mention establishing a good foundation and love of learning.

“Just spending the time together and having that interaction, being engaged in something together,” is another advantage, she adds.

The joys and benefits of reading aloud are being celebrated during March’s Read Aloud Month, so designated by a national nonprofit organization that stresses the importance of reading in the lives of children from birth to age 5.

Parents have a key responsibility to “light up” their child’s brain during this crucial period of development, says Bob Robbins, co-founder of Read Aloud 15 Minutes, in a phone interview from Alden, Michigan.

“If you wait, it’s too late — this is a fleeting opportunity,” Robbins says.







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