MinehahaMost parts of the United States have seen lots of wind and snow this winter.  In Minneapolis, Minnesota, they are used to it.  Work and school seldom get a “snow day,” even though a few cars drive too fast for conditions and pile into other cars or trucks.  Some people enjoy the weather and play at Minnehaha Falls.  The water freezes over, and you can crawl behind the sheet of ice for a rather spectacular view.

In Boston, Massachusetts, they are about to break the all-time record of over 100 inches of snow.

In the nation’s capital of Washington, D.C., a couple of inches shuts down the Federal Government.

VirginiaSnowOne of our sons works at the Norfolk Naval Station dry dock in Virginia.  He seldom gets a day off for bad weather, but last week was an exception, and he ended up having a four-day weekend.  It was great, because he got to stay home and play in the snow with his family!

I tell you that story so I can tell you this one.

In my little corner of the world, we rely on snow in the Rocky Mountains during the winter.  It assures us of water during the hot summers ahead.  The ski resorts depend on the snow to stay alive.

Lately, we haven’t had anywhere near enough snow.  Yesterday (Tuesday March 3), we finally got our first storm since Christmas.  That resulted in some car accidents, including one wreck that closed a canyon road.

At my senior living apartment complex, we had maybe three inches of the white stuff.  I did not need to call in Sherlock Holmes to see a hilarious result next to my four-plex.  A pickup truck with a snow blade attached had pushed snow from the parking lot up onto the sidewalk for about 50 feet.  You could see where the manager had been blowing snow off the other sidewalks – until she got to my place.  She must have seen the pile the truck left and cussed out loud.  “I can’t go for dat, no, no!” she must have repeated a couple of times.  She abruptly stopped blowing snow, and went back to her office.

To make the story even funnier, I went to the gym for a couple of hours, and by the time I got back, all the snow in the parking lot and the sidewalk HAD MELTED!




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