RadioShackWhy on earth would GameStop buy out Radio Shack?  They don’t seem compatible to me?  The reason Radio Shack has gone under is because it was not compatible with customers.  It used to sell “stereo” equipment like amps and speakers, plus electronic widgets.  Then, it invested heavily in phones.  Not smart.  My neighborhood Radio Shack has been a nice place to visit, but I can’t see it being turned into a GameStop.  The residents around here just don’t strike me as the game-playing type.  I will miss the Shack.  Meanwhile, my question is answered below.

GameStop Wins Bidding for More Than 160 RadioShack Stores

Bloomberg.com – February 26, 2015

GameStopA unit of GameStop Corp., the video-game chain, won an auction for the right to take over more than 160 stores that bankrupt consumer-electronics retailer RadioShack Corp. was planning to close.

. . . . .  GameStop’s Spring Communications Holding — known as Spring Mobile — will pay $15,000 a store to take over leases at locations around the U.S. Spring has about two months to decide which of the stores it wants.

RadioShack filed for bankruptcy this month with an agreement to sell about half of its 4,000 stores . . . .

The Fort Worth, Texas-based company put the rest of the stores up for auction, offering bidders the right to take over the leases.

. . . . . The stores would be primarily used to expand Spring’s mobile phone business, the company said. Spring sells AT&T phones and service.




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