Umpteen years ago, one of our sons was having severe back pain.  He found a smidgen of relief by walking – for mile after mile after mile.  Eventually, he underwent an operation on his back.

Today, he works out in the gym five days a week and looks great to me. However, he wants to lose 20 pounds, and he has taken the bodybuilding.com TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGE.  I can’t wait to see his photos!


A vast majority of our family is fit, either with exercise or diet, or both.  We have runners, weight-lifters, gymnasts, heavy construction workers, vegetarians . . . .  well, you get the picture.

Another son has suffered more than his share of broken bones – 16 by one count.  After one particularly severe motorcycle accident, he applied electrical treatment to one clavicle to stimulate repair.  For YEARS he has told me to exercise injuries, which never made sense – until now.

April First will be the third anniversary of when I tore up both shoulders on a weight exercise at my gym.  The right shoulder healed, but the left shoulder remains sore.  Sometimes, I still wince with pain.  (At 69, I walk three miles on a treadmill five days per week.  Every Saturday, I play basketball for 2-3 hours.)

RebounderRoughly two weeks ago, I decided to listen to family members who recommend exercising injuries.  I started throwing a medicine ball at a small trampoline (rebounder).  I started with a four-pound ball eight feet away.  I now play catch for 20 repetitions without any sweat.  I throw overhand using my right arm, and catch with both hands.  Then I bump up to the six-pound ball, and then the ten-pounder.

With the smaller balls, my years of playing basketball help me hit the middle of the tramp every time, but as I add weight, my accuracy goes down.  (I just caught a 10 pound ball in the chest trying to take an action selfie.)

BouncePlanet Fitness also has a fifteen and one-half pound medicine ball.  No way I can throw that thing eight feet.  However, as I move in to four feet, I am getting better at tossing the ball with BOTH arms.  I think I am getting stronger, even though I still have shoulder pain.  I believe in the examples set by our family, so I will keep after it.

Check back April First.



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