CarterFinale2SPOILER ALERT: this is my review of the last episode of Agent Carter (ABC Feb. 24, 2015).  It has been written before I checked out any reviews or other postings.

This is what I think happened. (From now on, “They” means cast, crew, producers, etc.)

The show was originally designed as a “Limited Series.”  By the time they got around to the last episode (number eight?) it seems to me “they” ran   out   of    gas.

They wrapped up all the plot threads:  Peggy was accepted as a full agent, Tony Stark was vindicated, the bad guy was carted off to jail, his henchwoman was thrown out the window and died, and Steve’s blood was dumped into the river (shock!).

Then came news to the producers that just maybe the show would come back for at least a second season.  So AFTER the Limited Series wrapped, they went back and added a few teasers for a transition: the bad guy met someone who would help him, and the henchwoman survived her fall.  But those last few minutes just didn’t have the ZING the show displayed in all the previous episodes.  It looked cheap.

Some odds and ends from my point of view:

– Peggy didn’t need two microphones.  Both planes would more than likely have been on the same radio frequency. Even if they were on different frequencies, Peggy would have tuned back and forth on the transceiver.  The microphones would have needed a button or a switch to be in the “send” mode.  Maybe the prop people found two microphones, so the director thought, “What the heck.  Put ’em both in the shot!”

– The hangar was way too obviously a model.  The cars and planes inside were obviously miniatures.  The real cars have been a delight for me, especially since I was born in 1945, only one year before the show begins.

– They may have found a real P-38 Mustang(?) airplane, but it never moved down the runway or into the air.  The cockpits were way too large.

As for the series?  I can’t wait for nest season!




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