While at least two-thirds of the continental United States is dealing with tons of snow and ice, my little chunk of the world is being blown apart.

WreckThe winds have been howling and roaring for days.  On Saturday (Feb. 21) it tried to rain, but the wind turned the rain into ice, and the result was an 11 vehicle pile-up.  It took me about 30 minutes to get off the freeway, and a semi-truck I was watching had to wait even longer.  I’ve never seen so many emergency vehicles in one place – including a hook-and-ladder fire truck.

Microburst storm blamed in 11-vehicle Ogden pileup.

It would be welcome if snow were part of the storms, but no luck there.  The Rocky Mountains need snow in the winter so we can have water in the summer.  We have been in a drought – not as bad as the west coast – but some of that eastern snow would come in handy for our ski resorts.  One resort has already closed for the season.  That means financial troubles.

I mention the wind storms because they have been howling all night, and I wondered if anyone loves the sound of wind blowing?  If you had a sound-effects generator by your bedside, would you chose the sound of wind to lull you to sleep?

My favorite background sound is waves crashing on the shore, with seagulls cawing from time-to-time.

Most nights, I have a 6-inch fan blowing at low speed in the background.  Sometimes, I even leave the fan on during the day to keep me company.  My bachelor apartment gets very lonely.

WaterfallSo, what background sound is YOUR favorite?  Gentle breezes (as opposed to wind storms)?  Birds singing?  Wind chimes?  A waterfall?

Leave a comment and share.  🙂



3 thoughts on “Peaceful sounds

  1. I live on the water on a little fishing island in NYC, and we go to sleep every night to the sound of the wind. I’ve gotten so used to it that when I’m staying in a hotel, I have trouble sleeping without it! Of course, wind that’s doing damage would be much less soothing. Good luck with your weather. Hope you get some snow soon. (You’re welcome to ours. We’re sick of it!)


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