DarthVader‘DARTH VADER’: Upon book’s debut today, Kieron Gillen relishes writing tales of the dark side

WASHINGTON POST, February 11, 2015

CONSIDERING HIMSELF to be a writer who “weirdly” gravitates towards villains, Kieron Gillen was more than interested when Marvel asked him whether he’d be interested in writing a solo Darth Vader comic book.

The London-based writer says that Marvel Comics’ newly established Star Wars timeline — which debuted last month with the million-selling Star Wars #1 written by Jason Aaron — was an opportunity to look into the mind of a character he considers “the backbone of the six Star Wars movies.”

“It’s an interesting period for Darth Vader,” Gillen told The Post’s Comic Riffs from his home in London, speaking about Darth Vader #1, which hits comic shops brick and digital today.

“The book is set between [the Star Wars movies] ‘A New Hope’ and ‘The Empire Strikes Back.’ I was very interested in the structure of it all,” Gillen continued. “At the end of ‘Star Wars,’ he’s pretty much the sole survivor of the biggest military disaster of all time. And it’s kind of his (fault).

Collaborating with Aaron on Marvel’s newest comic-book franchise brings back memories of when the two were collaborating on the X-Men books, said Gillen, noting that the synergy of Marvel’s Star Wars books will be similar to the days when he and Aaron were working on X-titles.

. . . .A deeper look into why Darth Vader believes what he believes — beliefs that result in galaxy-altering actions — is something Gillen plans to explore while writing the character.

“We’ve seen his fall. We’re aware of how he got here, and we’re interested in that,” Gillen said. “Doing good is simple in many ways. The reasons why people convince themselves to do the wrong things, and the reasons they justify that for themselves, I find that stuff interesting.

“Mostly we know what good is. The question is: Why does anyone do bad?”





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