Dog-DreamingSomewhere, sometime, didn’t I read that dreams “discharge” the brain?  Our brains get so full of energy during the week, that a dream every now and then is a good way for the brain to unwind.

(“The Theta portion of sleep is where the Emotional Body recuperates, heals and “tunes” itself for the next day. There are various levels of dream material which get processed during this time, some dreams are superficial re-hashing of the day’s events to clear them out, while deeper. . . . Dreaming is the ultimate creative exercise.  You create an entire world, with all your senses, place yourself in it so convincingly that you do not even know you are in a dream while you are in it.  That is creativity!  . . .  how are we to know that we are not just dreaming this experience we are having right now? Pinch ourselves on the arm to wake up? I’m afraid it would just be dream fingers pinching a dream arm and dreaming that the pain was not a dream. Perhaps we might even dream that we woke up from this dream…”  Center for Neuroacoustic Research, 2007)

It seems to work for me.  Especially on a lazy Sunday afternoon when I usually nap.

Take today, for example.  In a very clear dream, my daughter and I were visiting a cabin in the woods.  She broke out in hives – I could watch as they popped up on her back.  I had no Neosporin on me, so we hunted through the drawers of dressers and such in the cabin.  Of course, an elderly lady peeked out of her bedroom while we were searching – all troubled and awed that we would be doing such a thing.

After we assured the old woman that my daughter knew the owner, I found a big tube of blue goo.  It wasn’t designed for hives, but I rubbed it on my daughter’s back anyway.  At least it had a cooling effect if nothing else.  The tube came with a box, and the box had a hook on it, so I was able to hang the box inside my daughter’s clothing to continue the cooling.


The dream was longer than that, but all I remember is walking my daughter through the woods with the box in her clothes, and my arm around her waist – not her back!

So, the dream lasted quite a spell.  Long enough, I think to drain my brain.

Now, my head is empty,




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