Our daughter-in-law introduced us to something really exciting.  A night out with fun friends creating art.  She painted a great canvas, and then a fun piece of pottery.

Her discovery is called PAINT NITE.

Today, my local paper had a feature article on the fun ladies (and gents) are having.  It is going over like gang busters here!

STANDARD EXAMINER, 6 February 2015

PaintNitePaint Nite events mix art and cocktails

It wasn’t the usual bar scene at Alleged in Ogden on a Thursday night last week. Most attendees had two glasses in front of them — but one was a cup of water to dip paint brushes in.

The company slogan for Paint Nite is “drink creatively,” as the events, which are held at bars and restaurants across the country, give people the chance to relax and experience art in a stress-free environment.

“You get to go out and create and do something that you normally don’t do and spend time as friends that as moms you never go out and do that,” said Jodie Kidman of Harrisville, who attended the Paint Nite event at Alleged on Jan. 15. “It’s a fun thing to (do to) get away and relax.”

Paint Nite attendees pay for a ticket, which includes painting materials such as a canvas and paints. Aprons are provided, and a “social painting instructor” directs the group in painting that night’s masterpiece. Drinks or food are purchased from the venue directly. . . . . .  To find a Paint Nite event visit https://www.paintnite.com.





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