From time-to-time, I take care of a little-old-lady of 86.  She had her gall bladder removed decades ago, and often complains of stomach acid and such.  I agree she needs some sort of pill to combat the pain and the reflux.  My mother had the exact same symptoms, but for a different reason.

AcidReducer2My little-old-lady is obsessed with making SPECIAL trips to Walgreens or Rite-Aid to pick up the latest sale on Prilosec or Omeprazole.  When I say, “obsessed,” I mean obsessed!  I simply cannot convince her to take these dad-blasted little coupons to Walmart so when she does her regular shopping, she can redeem the same ad, and we don’t need to make any additional trips.

These coupons come out at least every week.  She has stacks of these pills in her closet.  She is always aware of the expiration date, and stacks them accordingly.

Okay, that is my rant about my little-old-lady.  Done.

But you know, she got me to thinking, SOMETIMES being obsessed may not be such a bad thing.  I mean, your humble servant is obsessed about schedules.  If my meal-times are disrupted for some reason, I get all anxious – I just HAVE to eat at 9 AM, 1 PM, and 5 PM!

The medical books even have a psychological term for people like me.  Does wanting things to be regular make me crazy?

dreamgoalWhat about Edison?  Wasn’t he obsessed over the light bulb?  Henry Ford with the assembly line?  Columbus about the shape of the world?

I know the doctor who treats my skin cancers is obsessed with not leaving scars after his operations!  A great man!

I guess it all depends on who is making the judgement.

Oh, dear – meal time!



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