For a time, my mother was in the newspaper business.

For a time, I was in the newspaper business.

We were both well acquainted with layout – how to balance the hard copy with the advertising.

We both knew how important advertising was – and remains.  It is the life-blood of any newspaper, from weeklies to the New York Times.

AdToday, my local newspaper became one of those noxious, ubiquitous globs of ads that clutter our mailboxes.

It demonstrated to me one of two things – the newspaper is hurting, OR, it has a terrific sales staff.

Seriously – there are more half-page and full-page ads in today’s edition than I have ever seen in any newspaper – EVER!  I just wish I could stick my hand through your PC screen and show you!

Pick your poison – the paper is folding, or it has a top-notch sales crew – one thing is certain, neither my mother nor I would have ever expected a full-page ad on the FRONT PAGE of a section!

I mean, that alerts readers that the rest of the pages are even more ads, right!  The reader will dump the entire section, and miss stories about the Obama Library, expanded child care, student testing, Space X lawsuit, the Air and Space Museum, Indian relations, Indian Museum, GOP candidates, Sarah Palin, and one billion half-page ads!  Chuck the news – what about the firms that paid good money for their ads INSIDE this section!  Wasted!

Something is happening.




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