Several of our children travel abroad.  Some more than others.  That is why this article caught my attention.  Maybe our children can travel to Ireland cheaper, or even to Africa via Europe????

Traveling to Europe is about to get a whole lot cheaper


If you’ve been thinking about taking a European vacation, it’s almost time to book those tickets. . . . That’s because the euro is falling so fast against the dollar—down to $1.15 per euro, from a high of $1.45 a few years ago—that it shouldn’t be long before the two are worth the same amount.

.. . . . .  the U.S. economy is in a lot better shape than Europe’s right now. U.S. gross domestic product just grew 5 percent, jobs growth was the best in 15 years, and falling oil prices are putting even more money it into people’s pockets. It’s enough that the Federal Reserve, despite still-low price and wage inflation, is expected to start raising interest rates this year or the next.

Europe, meanwhile, is still stuck in a depression worse than the 1930s.

.  . . . . . Monetary policy might seem boring, but it’s not when it gets you a cheap trip to Europe.




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