Friday was a bad day for me (Jan. 16).

To top it off, I could not get to sleep.

Saturday morning brings with it responsibility.  I am the guy who gets to the basketball court by 0800, and starts cleaning the floor.  Sometimes, the floor is much dirtier than others, and I actually have to get down on my hands and knees to scrub it.

Then, I set up the chairs and make everything ready for the basketball players who come in at 0900.

StayInBedSince Friday was such a crappy day, and since I was so restless all night.  I really didn’t want to get out of bed.  In my mind, I was at the gym, but I was telling everybody I had enough – I was quitting everything, including basketball.

But I love basketball.

I just had to get  my gluteus maximus out of bed.

I struggled into my clothes and made it to the gym five minutes early.

It was a good thing I showed up.  Thirteen guys were waiting to play, and play we did.  Hard.

Some times we play for up to three hours, but today we only played two hours.  But they were action-packed hours.

Funny thing – by the end of the two hours (plus an hour cleaning), I was hyper.  My motor had been turned on, and I was ready for action.  The exercise changed my entire day.   It put a fire in my belly, AND in my mind.

I should have showered an hour ago.  Time to unwind.  As soon as I finish this article, I’ll try just that.

Exercise. Good stuff!!!




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