DSTindianFor someone who has lived long enough to watch Daylight Savings Time be born, I say it is high time to let it die.

It doesn’t matter why the aberration was invented in the first place – enough is enough!

What other countries besides the USA mess with their citizens metabolism twice a year!

Two states agree, and a third is hopefully on the way.  Take a gander at this news item. (click image to enlarge.)

(Utah) lawmaker wants to stop Daylight Savings Time


A Box Elder County lawmaker says it’s time to put a stop to daylight savings time and the habit of shifting the clock forward or back an hour every eight months.

Rep. Lee Perry, R-Perry, is proposing legislation for the upcoming 2015 session that would eliminate daylight savings time in Utah, joining Arizona and Hawaii as the only states where the annual clock-shifting ritual does not take place. Under the federal Uniform Time Act of 1966 individual states are permitted to exempt themselves from DST.

Perry’s bill, which is still being drafted, comes on the heels of a study done by the Governor’s Office for Economic Development in 2014 that shows the majority of Utahns favor doing away with daylight savings time.

. . .  between 60 and 65 percent of the people are saying ‘Let’s just get rid of it,’” Perry said of daylight savings time. “This time we actually have data to back it up. The citizens of Utah are sick and tired of it,” he added.




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