After a few crummy attempts to take a “selfie,” I finally got a good one today.

I have a very cheap cellphone, so that isn’t even an option.  Instead,  I use my 35mm SLR.

Previously, I’d point the camera at my bathroom mirror and try to figure out the correct angle to include the part of the reflected image I wanted.

Of course, the lighting is terrible, and I turn yellow in the process.

EyelidSpot9Jan15Today, I was determined to point the camera at my face and click the shutter.  I was worried the flash would go off and blind me, but it did not.  I figured if the first angle wasn’t right, I’d keep shooting until I got it right.


The photo is of my eye two days post-op.  The puffiness is gone, but it has been bleeding enough to leave a red mark.

As I smile at the photo, the thought runs through my head that “guys like scars, gals don’t.”

It’s true!  At least for me!




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