In 2004, I had radiation seeds implanted in my cancerous prostate.  I swear I heard them say “13” before the operation, but it was more like 30-35 seeds.  Needless to say, my prostate is now swollen, and it feels like I am sitting on a tennis ball.

A few years later, it took two separate gouges to remove a cancer on my back.

Then, an ugly cancer grew out of the top of my head.

EyelidSpot7Jan15Next was a growth on my chin that ended up in a pretty big cut.  Fortunately, there was no pain during the surgery, and no pain afterward!

The cauterization of a growth on my ear did hurt – for a couple of weeks.

Let’s see, that is five cancers.  (I didn’t count correctly while writing my blog entry yesterday – 6 Jan).

Today, I had a couple of bumps on my lower right eyelid cauterized.  It left some swelling, and a touch of pain, but I can continue my active lifestyle.  It was called an “irritated seborrheickertosis.”

Say that five times fast!

The good news – it is benign.





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