My apartment complex offers free Wi-Fi.  When it is working, which isn’t very often.  It has been “down” for several months now, and the IT guy has no intention of fixing it.  It is “the last thing” on his priority list.

Fair enough.

I am very surprised at the number of senior citizens in my little section of the world who really miss the Internet.  To compensate for the loss, many have gone to Xfinity of Centurylink, or what-have-you.  Expensive stuff for people on Social Security!

Me?  I can’t afford $80 to $100 per month.  Yikes!

Rocket4GSo, I have done the best I could with a little tool from T-Mobile called a “Rocket 4G USB Laptop Stick.”  I buy 3GB of data for $30 per month.  It is only good for email and very brief visits to Facebook.  No streaming, or my data limit gets chewed up FAST!  That means turning off all the nice little YouTube videos friends and family post on Facebook!

It comes in handy when the W-Fi disappears, and I can buy service one month at-a-time.

Or so I thought.

My last purchase was December 3, 2014.  That expired January 2, 2015.

Only it didn’t.  SOMEHOW, my credit card was put on “automatic renewal.”  The only way I found out was when I still had service on January 3.  I spent TWO HOURS on the phone over two days trying to cancel “automatic renewal” and to get my $30 back T-Mobile had withdrawn without my knowledge.

TWO FREAKIN’ HOURS being put on hold and sent from one desk to another, then back again, and then to a new desk, and then back again, and . . . .

FINALLY, through some miracle, I ended up with Darrell.  Apparently, Darrell is the ONLY person on the entire T-Mobile staff who knew how I had been entangled in this Gordian Knot, and how to get me out of it.

I was physically exhausted.  I felt a headache coming on, and couldn’t wait to lie down.

He got me to the T-Mobile web pages, and we worked our way down to the SMALLEST PRINT AVAILABLE!  I kid you not – the smallest print I have ever seen on a web page.  I can’t find the same link again a day later.

The T-Mobile home page says I am still hooked up and I am still on automatic renewal.





2 thoughts on “Rocket 4G USB Laptop Stick

    • No roll-over at all. If I use too much data, it starts choking me off toward the end of the month. 😦 I called them up about the “Data Roll-over” and was told that is only for phones.


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