Maybe my scarves have been too close to the moth balls.  Maybe I have developed hay fever for the first time in 69 years.  Maybe I have pink eye.  Maybe I am allergic to the collar of my polyester coat. Whatever, my eyes have been hurting lately.

32inchScreen1Jan15OR, maybe I have been getting my eyes closer and closer to the 15 inch screen on my laptop.

My laptops are my only computers – I do not have a desktop.  Lately, I have caught myself inching closer and closer to the small screen.

So today – to start the new year right, I have switched to using my 32 inch flat screen for my computer monitor.  The flat screen has been hooked up to my laptop for a couple of years now for on-line movies, so it only took some minor adjustments to my floor plan to move my keyboard away from the laptop.

I also have a 20 inch flat screen, but that will take a major rearrangement.

Yes, my electric bill will go up – it has been under $20 per month for ages – but a higher electric bill is cheaper than a new set of Braille encyclopedias.

We shall see.



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