Imagine my shock today when I received the FOURTH recall for my 2006 Chevy Cobalt!

Ignition“This letter  is to make you aware that your vehicle’s transmission shifter may not properly transmit an electrical signal that allows the ignition key to be turned counter-clockwise past the accessory mode to the LOCK position after the vehicle has been shifted into park.  If this occurs, the ignition key cannot be removed from the ignition cylinder without depressing the manual release plunger located on the underside of the steering column as described in the owner’s manual.  A key left in the accessory position for an extended period of time may result in severe battery drain and a possible no start condition.”

CarComplaints.com writes, “Between this car stalling while driving, giving owners fits with power steering failure and having it be a potential tinderbox because of gas leaks, we felt we had no other option than to award it our ‘Avoid Like the Plague’ badge.”

Of course I put the key in the ignition to see if it would get stuck.  But no!  Not only does my ignition switch NOT have an “accessory mode,” it doesn’t have a “manual release plunger” either!

Ha!  Take THAT Chevrolet!

Now, if I could just get the damn driver’s side door lock to work . . . . . .




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