Josh Rogin had an interesting piece in the Bloomberg View Thursday (18 Dec.) about Cuba.

CubaHe said “Hillary Clinton Secretly Pushed Cuba Deal for Years.”

” . . . when Hillary Clinton was secretary of state, she was the main architect of the new policy and pushed far harder for a deal than the Obama White House. . . .  Clinton was also the top advocate inside the government for ending travel and trade restrictions on Cuba and reversing 50 years of U.S. policy to isolate the Communist island nation. Repeatedly, she pressed the White House to move faster and faced opposition from cautious high-ranking White House officials.”

That makes the whole normalization process even more interesting.

When I used to judge debates, if I had two crack teams, it was fun to see how the speaker who had the podium could sway me.  Then the opposing speaker had an equal chance, and I would think THAT was the correct view.

I’m sort of like that right now with this whole Cuba deal.  On the one hand, why make things easier for a Socialist dictator to benefit from all that America has to offer?

On the other hand, why not make things easier for the citizens of a Socialist dictator to live better lives?

Right now, I am leaning very heavily toward normalization.  I mean, even the term “NORMALization” seems like a no-brainer.

Time will tell.




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