One of my favorite books is FIT FOR LIFE.  It goes though a strict outline for healthy eating.  Pretty much vegetarian, but it realizes their are as many different eating habits as their are readers.

EXPERIENCE LIFE had a neat article in the July-August issue, “Eating for Pleasure.”

“Nutritional psychologist Marc David, MA, says we don’t have enough vitamin P — pleasure, that is — in our diets. ”

FoodI love the next sentence.  “The level of enjoyment we experience in eating our food has very real biochemical consequences that directly affect our metabolism and digestion.”

According to David, ““Half of nutrition is what you eat,” he explains, “but the other half is how you eat.”

The article continues, “when you eat, you are seeking the pleasure of food, and you are avoiding the pain of hunger. But here’s the trick: You can’t receive pleasure unless you are aware that you are engaging in it. So, if you’re eating food and you’re not paying attention — if you’re watching TV, talking too much, rushing or reading — you will potentially miss the experience of pleasure. . . .  this thing we’ve called overeating is really a product of our culture, which has us moving too fast. And the faster you go, the less your brain and digestive physiology can actually experience what’s going on with food.

“You could be eating your favorite ice cream cone, but if you’re miserable and stressed-out and guilty while you’re eating it, you are not receiving that pleasure. Also, you’re actually shifting yourself into a stress response, which will put you in a mild degree of digestive shutdown.”

And here is the kicker, “The only way to eat with pleasure is to notice if there’s any pleasure to be had. So be attentive, take your time, and delight in your food.”




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