There is someone very close to me who is a certified bargain hunter.

For example.  I bought a non-stop, round-trip airplane ticket from Salt Lake City to Minneapolis for $506.

She bought a one-stop round-trip airplane ticket for two people from Dallas to Salt Lake City for less than $250.

While she was visiting here, she kept her nose to her tablet looking for the best deal for a new phone.  She has been researching it for some time.

When she got back to Texas, this is what she bought.

GalaxyPhoneI got the Samsung Galaxy S5 AMF Droid Turbo. Mine was $199 and (my husband’s) was $249.
I received $200 credit for each smart phone I traded in, so I only paid $50.
THEN because I bought 2 new phones, I got 2 free 8″ LG tablets.
THEN the sales guy gave me free cases for each phone and each tablet = about $160 total.
AND since I switched carriers, I will receive $150 credit for each line on my 3rd billing cycle.
I am sharing 2Gig of data with unlimited talk and text on 4 lines for $150/month.
So I’m paying $40 more a month (Verizon) than I used to pay.

Bargain, no?  Bargain, si!





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