As our family was young and growing, we brought home ice cream in huge commercial buckets.  Quarts of milk were gone through like the current trend in bottled water.  One of our boys ended up with severe cramps, and we learned a new term, “lactose intolerance.”  Several in the family  have now have come to the same conclusion, dairy products really are not that good for us.

Some time after it was written, I fell in love with the book FIT FOR LIFE by Marilyn and  Harvey Diamond.  In a minute, let’s look at what they have to say about dairy products.

First, let’s look at the most current criticism:

GotMilk“. . . . physician and nutrition expert Dr. John McDougall  commented on a British research study which found a diet rich in milk could have detrimental health consequences. The study found frequent milk consumption was not good for bones and doubled the risk of death, McDougall reported. People are being poisoned from fat and environmental contaminants in the food they eat and diary is at the root of it, he suggested. According to  McDougall, cow’s milk is only to be consumed by calves as it causes early sexual maturation in humans as well as contributes to cancer and obesity. “It’s just the wrong food for people,” he said.

“McDougall traced America’s obesity epidemic on dietary changes which have seen an increase in consuming animal foods and oils over the last 34 years. He blamed China’s increasing obese population on the country shifting from 90% rice-based diet to one filled with animal products. McDougall railed against olive oil consumption, noting it has no nutritional value and when consumed gets stored under the skin as fat. He warned about treating type 2 diabetes with medicine as a recent study found those who aggressively treated with medication were at increased risk for death, heart disease, and weight gain. McDougall recommended high calorie plants on the dinner plate.”  COAST TO COAST AM 19 November 2014

Now, some quotes from the Diamonds:

“. . . . there is a colossal amount of information linking the consumption of milk to heart disease, cancer, arthritis, migraine headaches, allergies, ear infections, colds, hay fever, asthma, respiratory ailments, and a multitude of other problems. . . . .

“Cows don’t drink cow’s milk, so why do humans? What in the world are humans doing drinking cow’s milk? If
a grown cow was offered milk, it would sniff it and say, “No, thanks, I’ll  have the grass.” Think about it. Could our creator possibly have set  things up in such a way that the only species on earth to drink cow’s milk
would be human beings?

“Casein coagulates in the stomach and forms large, tough, dense, difficult-to-digest curds that are adapted to the four-stomach digestive apparatus of a cow. Once inside the human system, this thick mass of goo puts a tremendous burden on the body to somehow get rid of it. In other words, a huge amount of energy must be spent in dealing with it. Unfortunately some of this gooey substance hardens and adheres to the lining of the intestines and prevents the absorption of nutrients into the body. . .   a major contributing factor to thyroid problems is casein. The fact that dairy products are highly processed and always have traces of penicillin and antibiotics in them places even more of a burden on your system. . . .  (casein) prevents the calcium from being absorbable . . .

” . .  if you eat dairy products, you’re vicariously suckling a cow. Does that make sense to you or not?” (FIT FOR LIFE, Harvey and Marilyn Diamond, Warner Books 1985)

Got Milk?  What do YOU think?



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