SnowStormIt surely doesn’t seem like Global Warming is effecting the United States right this minute.  Coast to Coast AM addressed the current deep freeze this way last night (18 Nov 14):

During the first hour, researcher Robert Felix reacted to the ‘snowpocalypse ‘ hitting parts of the United States. He noted that, on Tuesday, more than 50% of the continental United States was covered in snow and, in parts of all 50 states, freezing temperatures were reported. “It’s generally what I’ve been warning about,” he cautioned, “we’re just going to be seeing bigger and bigger snowstorms.” As an ice age begins to take hold, Felix explained, the snow in some areas will accumulate to such a degree that it will simply be too much to melt away in the Summer. However, he stressed that the popular notion of an ice age blanketing the entire planet with frozen conditions is a misconception, since certain regions will likely remain unscathed.


Global Warming.  Fact or fiction?

What do you think?




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