Maybe you have backed off sharing the smallest pieces of your life on Facebook.  It has a reputation for being a vast storehouse of private information that isn’t so private..

Google is also under attack, as Marc Weinstein points out at the Huffington Post  “Google is the world’s most-recognized search engine. Google offers free email, online document tools, YouTube, social media, and Google Play. Google helps us get places with Google Maps and see the entire planet and our small place in it with Google Earth. Google simplifies computing with its own operating system and web browser and makes computers affordable with Chromebooks. Google has it all, which is way too much. Actually, it’s downright frightening just how much . . . ”  More about that later.:

With all the gush of stories indicating we have lost our privacy, a new social media page offers an alternative.

MeWeMeWe indicates it is a new network, “that (will) advance the best of social media with privacy built into the design, where members (will) feel safe and respected while sharing their lives.”

“MeWe is the visionary culmination of three years of determined efforts, research, and development to provide people around the world with a communication network they love and trust.”

Among other things, the new site offers; “MeWe keeps your information free from tracking, spying, and scraping.”

Share content only with those you wish to see it. It’s your online life, with privacy, safety, and simplicity.”

“You own your content. You control your interactions. You design your level of privacy.”

Consider what Marc Weinstein points out about Google; “Consider that at this very moment, Google has the means to know:

• What you are doing online (Google Chrome, Google tracking cookies everywhere online)
• What you are doing offline (Android and Chromebooks)
• What you are doing at home (Nest, and coming soon: Google robots)
• Where you are in your home (Nest, and coming soon: Google robots)
• Where you are outside your home (Android, and coming soon: Google satellites)
• What you are working on (Google Docs)
• Who you are talking to (Google+, Android, Gmail)
• What you are saying (Google+, Android, Gmail)
• What you are listening to (Google Play)
• What you are watching (YouTube)
• Where you are going (Google Maps and coming soon: Google’s self-driving car)
• When you are going (Google Calendar)
• What you are looking for (Google Search, Google tracking cookies everywhere online)
• How to manipulate (augment) your reality (Magic Leap) ”

Time to join MeWe?

Let me know.




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